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Event Types

DIY Event Ideas

Looking to fundraise, but aren’t sure where to begin? Check out our DIY fundraising event ideas to become inspired and get started today! 

Create a Campaign

Gathering For Good: Community Events 

Bring your community together for a purpose. Hosting a bake sale, movie night, community walk, or wine tasting are all examples of how you can Gather for Good in your local community. 

Slam Dunk SMA: Athletic Events 

Get active and make your move! Athletic events can include anything from fitness class givebacks, kickball tournaments, golf events, and more. Ask your Cure SMA staff contact to help brainstorm new ideas and discover lessons learned from previous events. 

Youth Fundraising Initiatives 

Empower younger members of the SMA community to make a difference! From coin collection cans to read-a-thons, bake sales, or even an essay writing contest, we have seen all types of youth-led fundraisers that have made a tremendous impact. 

Meaning to Your Moments: Life Events 

Are you interested in paying tribute to a loved one or special event in your life? Host a fundraiser to give back in honor of life’s most meaningful events. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, memorial, bar/bat mitzvah, graduation, or just because, we would be delighted to help bring impact to your milestone moments. 

Stream Away SMA: eSports & Live Streaming 

Ready for a quest? You can now host a charity stream through our new Stream Away SMA program! Whether you’re an amateur creator, a professional gaming guru, or brand new to the streaming world, you can help us power up the fight against SMA by unlocking new levels of impact. What do you say, will you be our player 2?


Ready to Get Started? 

Email so we can find the best option for you. Whether you need a donation page, a website with registrations, or help getting started, our staff is excited to be a part of your event. We can provide insight and support wherever you need it most. We have worked with all varieties of events and can offer what helped others be successful, provide guidance as to materials would be most beneficial to you, and keep you up to date on your areas of interest. 

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